Ordinance Complaints


The paragraphs below were copied from the township Building Department webpage on 11/11/17

Ordinance Complaints

The Code Enforcement Officer in the Building Department enforces township ordinances. If you have any complaints regarding abandoned vehicles, junk and debris, or any other concerns, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 248-651-6930.”

Zoning Ordinance

The Oakland Township Zoning Ordinance controls the location, size and height of structures such as buildings, garages and additions to houses. The Zoning Ordinance also controls what you can do in different parts of the Township. For example, you cannot conduct a commercial business in a residential area, except under certain conditions. If you think someone may be violating the Zoning Ordinance or if you have a question about the ordinance please contact the Building Department at 248-651-6930 during regular business hours.

The Zoning Ordinance is designed to protect township residents, their homes and businesses from conflicting activities nearby.”