Planning Commission

The 7-member Planning Commission is 6 Township residents who volunteer to be appointed to a 3 year term plus one member of the Board of Trustees appointed by a Board vote. They are paid $70 per meeting with an extra $10 for the Chairperson. To volunteer for burning the midnight oil reviewing plans and consultant reports and ignoring your spouse,  fill out an application available on the Township Website here:

It will be kept on file for one year.

Ordinance 104 gives authority, duties, etc.

Read this before interacting with them so you have some understanding of their extensive and time-consuming duties

Planning Commission Ordinance No. 104

Also read their webpage:




Master Plan

Goodison Plan (2014)

Goodison Plan (1980) – Superceded (not followed)

Goodison Plan July 8 – 1980


Annual Reports

PC Annual Report 2016-2017

PC Annual Report 2015-2016

PC Annual Report 2014-2015

PC Annual Report 2013-2014

PC Annual Report 2012-2013


Members and General Information

Zoning Map /July 2017


Zoning Enabling Act

Planning Enabling Act