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(Above is Station #2 manned by from 0 to maximum of 2 people evenings and nights)

Act 359 of 1947

42.13 Township fire department; establishment; township fire chief, appointment; rules and regulations; refusal to aid at fire, penalty.

Sec. 13.

The township board in each charter township shall have power to provide for and establish and maintain a fire department and authorize the supervisor, or the township superintendent if one has been appointed, to appoint, subject to the approval of the said board, a township fire chief and such other firemen as may be required to protect persons and property from the hazards of fire in that part of the township located outside the corporate limits of villages. The township board shall make and establish rules and regulations for the government of the department, the employes, firemen, and officers thereof; and for the care and management of the buildings, engines, apparatus, and equipment pertaining thereto. The township fire chief, or any officer acting as such, may command and require any person present at a fire to aid in the extinguishment thereof, and to assist in the protection of property thereat. If any person shall wilfully disobey any such requirement or other lawful order of any such officer, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

History: 1947, Act 359, Eff. Oct. 11, 1947 ;– CL 1948, 42.13

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Michigan Fire Prevention Code – Act 207 of 1941


Weekly Status Reports to Board of Trustees – 3rd and 4th Quarters 2018

otfd weekly status reports 3rd qtr 2018

otfd weekly status reports 4th qtr 2018 (2)

otfd weekly status reports 1st qtr 2019

Pdf’s of Excel workbook of above

otfd weekly data – incident counts

otfd weekly data ems data




Oakland Fire-Rescue webpages –

Annual Report 2016 – AR2016

Annual Report 2017 –


2019 Letter of Certification to Oakland County Medical Control Authority – foia 1801e documents

ocmca request for response time compliance plan 12-14-18

ocmca letter requesting ambulance staffing compliance 3-1-18

board motion 3-13-2018 ocmca ambulance staffing


ISO PPC Grade September 2018 – 1895 – Documents (007)

Cardiac Arrest Article PAD_WorkingAgainstTime

Union Contract  – 1813-Documents-IAFF Fire Labor Contract

NFPA 1710 Standard for Fire Departments – NFPA 1710

fire dept. 2018 impact study

MIOSHA 74 – Fire Department Safety Regulations –


Act 211 of 1964

29.351 Police or peace officers’ vehicles; fire extinguishers.

Sec. 1.

A state or county owned police or peace officers’ vehicle shall carry a dry chemical type fire extinguisher listed by and bearing the label of a nationally recognized testing laboratory and containing not less than 4 pounds of extinguishing agent, which shall be inspected at least annually by the local fire department.

History: 1964, Act 211, Imd. Eff. May 22, 1964

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